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inoculation in metallurgy in hungary


RELATIONS BETWEEN ORNAMENTAL PLANTS AND VIRUSES IN HUNGARY on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

Antirabic Inoculation in Hungary.

Antirabic Inoculation in Hungary.Anti-rabies vaccination (Hogyes method) of animals has been in operation in Hungary since 1900, and, up to 1925, over


inoculated the number of diseased plants was about half that in steamedsoil. Reinfecting steamed soil with soil micro-organisms before inoculation with

dynamic regulation and control of nodulizing inoculation

of the dynamic nodulizing inoculation processing in a casting production process of the nodular cast iron based on the actual metallurgy state of base iron

Active Immunization with Diphtheria-Anatoxin in Hungary.

000 in Budapest alone, so that a total of about 60, 000 to 70, 000 children have been immunized in Hungary.The inoculations were performed with

Cryphonectria parasitica in Sessile Oak in Hungary

Cryphonectria parasitica in Sessile Oak in HungaryABSTRACT Since 1999 occurrenceSome hypovirulent inoculations caused superficial alteri ng of the suberis

physics-chemistry condition and function of V-slag in

Compound inoculation effectWANG Zhong-jueDept. of Mech. Engn., Anhui .Metallurgy Physics-Chemistry Condition and Function of V-slag in Improving

Interdisciplinary Research in Metallurgy Materials for

Interdisciplinary Research in Metallurgy Materials for Advanced Applicationsand casting properties of self healing steel manufactured by inoculation of s

A new disease of Gerbera in Hungary, Sclerotinia wilt.

S. sclerotiorum was isolated from plants growing in gardens with vegetables. Pathogenicity was confirmed by inoculation of potted G. plants

SGS to Conduct its First Malaria Human Challenge Trial in

2019212-During the containment period (days 1 to 13 following inoculation) subjects in Belgium and two phase I patient units based in Belgium and


200984-10. Inoculation device according to claim 9, wherein the graphite is syntheticmetallurgy and the poured metal flow rate in real time, mai

sorokiniana and Drechslera tritici-repentis in Hungary

inoculationplant diseasesbipolarismaladie des plantestriticuminoculacionagent caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana and Drechslera tritici repentis in Hungary. I

Evaluation of two inoculation methods for inducing

2015424-two inoculation methods for inducing common smut on corn ears in Hungary.doiFive ears were inoculated per treatment in three replicates

Level of Agglutinin Titres after Anti-typhoid Inoculation

Anti-typhoid Inoculation under Different CircumstancesFrom observations made in Hungary during the yearsbe administered at the tirrie of the inocul

Screening our bean collection by leaf inoculation

1981. Screening our bean collection by leaf inoculation with Pseudomonas phaseolicola iso- lated in Hungary. Ann. Rep. Bean Impr. Coop. Geneva, N.Y

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